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Should I Check My Date?

The answer to the question “Should I check my date?” is a definite yes. The online dating world is rife with online scams and frauds. People find it hard to believe that they can be victims of online scams and that’s why many of the online fraud cases are not even reported to the police. Unfortunately it could happen to you . It happens to many smart and reasonable people, because emotions have a weird way of affecting your good judgment.

What are the typical signs of the so called” romance'” or ” sweetheart” scammers?

1. They would shower you with attention and compliments. They know exactly what to say and when to say it, because they are manipulative masters of female psychology.

2. They usually have a story. A sad and heartbreaking story that is meant to leave the victim deeply touched.

3. They are skilled at building feelings of mutual trust and bonding. Why? Well you are dealing with professionals here. And they know that trust is essential for any scam to work.

4. They don’t disclose personal information easily. They won’t tell you where they live and where they work right away. There is always some sense of mystery that surrounds them.

Now these are just few of the warning signs that you could be dealing with a romance scammer. Sometimes you have to listen to your intuition and if something doesn’t feel right you shouldn’t ignore it just because he seems so perfect in every other way.

And if the thought “Should I check my date?” is lingering at the back of your mind, don’t hesitate. Proceed to action.

How to Help Make Online Dating Romance

Online dating has been around for over 20 years, and has grown in popularity each year. Today, with over 1,500 dating sites, it is a $4 billion dollar industry with hundreds of millions of members.

As online dating becomes more prevalent, so does the existence of ‘romance scammers’.

Who are romance scammers? They are individuals often located in Africa or Western Europe who join dating sites with a fake name and fake profile. They message several dozen (or hundreds of) members, and attempt to start a dialogue via Email (away from the dating site).

Their objective is to start a virtual relationship with someone, and then at some point request money, sight unseen. Sadly, this is a common occurrence, and people are duped every day.

Having said that, there are some red flags an online dater can watch for to ensure they don’t fall victim to one of these scams. Here are some of the biggest ones:

1. There are no plans to meet in person. Romance scammers will never want to meet face to face, because they are not what their photo suggests. They will usually make up a story about being abroad for work. If there are no plans to meet face to face, move on.

2. Their grasp of English is typically poor. Romance scammers are usually not native English speakers, and this usually comes across in their messages. This is not to suggest that everyone with poor grammar is a scammer; however, if they claim to be native speakers and you notice many glaring errors, it is a red flag.

3. Their photo seems too perfect. It’s common for romance scammers to use the most attractive photo they can find as their profile photo. They want to attract attention, of course, and this is the best way. If you are surprised that such a gorgeous person reaches out to you first with a desire to speak, it may be a red flag.

4. Insistence in communicating outside the dating site. If the first message you receive is accompanied by an Email address and an insistence to speak directly via Email, beware — unless there is a good reason, there should be no problem communicating on the dating site’s messaging system.

5. They ask you for money. This is, by far, the biggest and most obvious red flag, and yet people are still often duped. It should be an unbreakable personal rule that you never give money to anyone whom you met on a dating site, under any circumstances.

Online dating is so popular for a reason — it is an efficient way to communicate with and meet other singles, and it can be a springboard to a meaningful relationship. Simply heed this advice and make sure you are not fooled by someone who it out for your money.

Dating, Romance Finding the Right Mate

Everyone may have surely been into entertaining the concept of finding the right mate. They say that the genuine happiness that would be felt within a relationship only comes about when one finds the right mate. This may be a very ambitious venture but as human nature is concerned, it is very rare for one to find contentment. There is always the unconscious drive to look for someone better–as in a mate. After all, who would want to deal in a lifetime with someone who is filled with flaws? For sure, finding the right mate is an adventure that many individuals take into their own hands.

Is there such a perfect mate? Girls and boys in their adolescent years always come up with the concept of an ideal man and woman. They often create a checklist bearing their standards for a mate. They are confined to the idea that they could one day find the right mate for them. Is it possible then? How many women swear that they would never love again? How many men have been cursing women because of some misdeeds? Life and romance sometimes do not go along well. But then there should never be the loss of hope on your part because there is someone there who is waiting for you. There is your perfect mate that you ought to find.

How could you do it then? How could you make your search a truly rewarding one? Here are some pointers to keep note of.

Begin by scraping out the losers from your list. They often use the cliché “love is blind and lovers cannot see”. Is it possible that love could blind someone who is under its spell? Well actually it is a fact. Many people seem to be blinded by their love that they fail to recognize the negative side of their partner. Although loving someone must entail understanding and acceptance, martyrdom is not a requirement. Hence, do not be fooling yourself and limiting yourself to the person with whom you are currently involved with.

End your prior relationship before getting into another. Handle your business with other people before you get involved with someone else new. You will just complicate things and by making some reservations, you might realize one day that you are left all alone.

Take note of your five major standards. It is very ordinary that you’ve got some vital requirements for your future mate. You always set a picture-perfect mate that you would want to be involved with. You may actually share with your friends the standards that you have so they could let you realize whether or not they are observable and measurable.

To find the perfect mate, you need to act accordingly when dating. Learn the do’s and don’ts’.
Get backed up. Dating someone whom you are eyeing as a perfect mate could be a scary endeavor but why don’t you tell your friends and family so that they could express their support? They could even give you some valuable ideas.

Do some networking. Meeting people through your acquaintances is one way of enriching your chances of finding a perfect mate for yourself.

Always be happy and think positive. Be firm with your choice and love whom you have as a partner. It is very difficult to spend even a minute or so with a person who does not even seem to interest you. How could you face the other person if you do not have any positive feelings toward him or her?

Assert yourself. Assert your likes and dislikes so that you’ll not end up regretting in the end.

Finding a perfect mate is not only to be relied on your fate. As they always say, you’ve got to put in your effort and be true to yourself because the perfect mate would come along if the person sees the genuineness in you. There is no necessity to pretend to be someone whom you are not because this is a big turn off.

Love and Marriage – How to Meet the Right Woman

So you are the knight in shining armor? The problem is, you don’t have a princess to defend with. Let me share you something that is sitting right there, under your nose: “Women are everywhere and the right woman is one you can see strolling at the mall, bookstore, coffee bar, internet dating sites, work, clubs, etc.” Now that you know that you realize that you don’t to be somewhere special to meet the right women, the next thing your should learn is the art of the actually meeting her. Here are the ways:

First, show confidence! You may not be aware of this but women are shyer then you are. Most women, especially those who are looking for the right man, love to be approached as well. So better get on your knees, approach someone and initiate a good conversation. Easier said that done right? One word my friend: “confidence!” Shaking knees and a mumbling mouth are things you should never have. Opportunity knocks only once so better grab it. If you see someone you like, approach her. With a right timing and proper approach, you will end up seating with her at a coffee bar all the way to a dinner table. Also, women love to see men who bear confidence. While this may not be an overnight success, you can always have your confidence developed. As they say, “right practice makes perfect”, so practice, practice, and practice more. Start at your office and talk to women colleagues. Then initiate a conversation with the waitress at a restaurant or the cashier at the grocery. As you build confidence through casual conversations with people, you let go your shaking knees and mumbling mouth.

Second, master the art of conversation. Now that you have finally had the guts to approach women, you should know how to initiate a conversation. Your first words will really make the difference between a “yes” to a dinner or a something like this: “Hi, what’s your name” and she replies “Hi, I’m leaving”. Pick up lines like, “Gee, that’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open?” or “Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!” are something that will definitely end a conversation that hasn’t begun at all. Make good at this by being sincere, being spontaneous, and not sounding so desperate. Again, it takes practice so if your first approach to a woman at the mall is not successful, do not stop trying. A good sense of humor is always a winner to good women so have them on your reserve and take them out when necessary.

An approach and conversation is not enough. You still need the follow up. So the third thing you should do is to know how to keep a woman wanting. A first date can only have a take two if the woman finds that you are interesting so keep her guessing. Do not tell everything about yourself during the first date. Not only you will dominate the whole conversation and piss your date off, you will also have nothing to say on your second date if ever it will happen. Keep her wanting like the “Arabian Nights”.

Most men think that pampering their lady will keep her wanting him. The fact is, it is entirely the exact opposite. Did you ever wonder why many women love “bad boys”? It is because “bad boys” give no regard with women in the way they treat them. Women who are often pampered by men feel that they have the need to get everything they want so they are on a hot pursuit to “bad boys” who keep on playing hard to get.

Finally, meeting the right men does not end up on having the right confidence, knowing the proper way approach, and keeping women wanting because a meeting the right women may not end on a single try. You may have dated a woman and have successfully done all these 3 but still, she does not fit to the definition of “the one” for you. Meeting the right woman is a never-ending process until you are finally convinced that she is “the one”.

Dating Romancing Your Date

Dating has many faces. The kind of misconception about dating that you have is influenced by the number of dates you have had. Any dating experience that is devoid of romance is like gun without bullets or a woman without breasts. If at all you have been considering yourself as defunct in the line if romance, you can easily count yourself wrong. Saying that you are not romantic is like saying that you can never fall in love. If these are your thoughts you must forget them and develop something worthwhile. Dating is the food of the soul while the romance is the beverage that quenches your love buds with a dose of human contentment. There is no human being under the sun and below the ozone layer who lacks the ability to bow unto love.

Then it comes automatically that if you can fall in love then you can be romantic. Dating instances are the ones which provoke romantic emotions. Romance is squarely at the nucleus of every dating experience. Romance has never been the grand of vast gestures but manifested in those small details. It has been said that it is those small things that really matter. Small gestures they might be but that is not the end, it is paramount that both human beings who are dating begin being romantic. Romance comes as a two way process which makes both the two crazy human beings in the line of love to begin deriving pleasure by showing their tender sides that depict caring for each other.

It is easy to hear of romantic excursions where people travel to experience romance, but what you should have in mind is that romance starts closer home before you decide to elongate it. Dating entails you understand the mechanics of romance so that you might comprehend what it entails and why it is important, as well as learning the kind of romantic aspects which your character seems to depict. There is no one anywhere who has a heart carved out of soapstone as tough as their exterior might be.

Romantic aspects in dating show that romance does not come as the sole fortress of females and it has been ascertained that those men who are successful in the line of romance are far much successful in dating. Romance is not affected by any dimension of masculinity, whatsoever. In fact, if you are romantic, it can easily enhance your reputation with handling of females. On the other hand, it is not all females who are natural romantics; it must always be the case. For your dating success, you must remember that the important thing in romance comes largely as thoughtfulness. Begin being more thoughtful and kind and you will enjoy the intimate fruits that romance throws your way.

Online Dating Romance

Many people now use online dating as a way to bring a little romance into their lives. Online dating is a great way to connect with people based on areas of compatibility, who you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your everyday life, even if they live in the same town as you do. It is perfect for people who don’t enjoy meeting people in settings like parties or bars, or who are too busy with work or family life to put much time into their search for love in the physical world. It can also just be a fast and fun way to widen your circle of friends, even if it doesn’t lead to a long term relationship (or indeed, if that isn’t what you want!).

There are many different styles of online dating site. Most of them work by allowing you to create a profile about yourself which others can find and view, and giving you access to search other people’s. When you see someone you like the profile for, you can message them or live chat with them, or simply send them a little indicator that you would like to start up a conversation (on some sites this is called a “wink” or a “smile”, and it works like a “poke” on Facebook).

Other sites work by asking you to fill in questionnaires and then suggesting matches for you based on their answers and how they match up with yours. This can be a very successful approach, as compatible people do tend to share similar values and opinions as well as having the same interests.

For people who don’t want to sit around waiting for the people they viewed to reply to their messages, there are options where you go straight into an online chat situation with potential dates, for example online dating chat rooms, or online speed dating. In some cases there is also the option to use video chat.

Once you have started messaging and chatting with someone you feel like you connect with, it is up to the pair of you to decide when to meet. Some people like to meet early on, to avoid wasting time if the chemistry isn’t there in real life. Others wait a lot longer, really getting to know about each other before they take the plunge. Your approach is completely up to what you and your new love interest feel most comfortable with.

There are many incredibly happy couples all over the world who have been introduced and fallen in love because of online dating sites, and as it has been popular now for over a decade there are plenty of stories of lasting romance. The best advice is to be safe, be yourself, and be completely honest about what you are looking for. If you want a casual fling, say so, if you are looking for someone you might marry, say that too. The more upfront you are about your ideals, the easier it will be to find people who fit them.

Dating How to be Happy in the Process

Do you, like anybody else, wish to find contentment and happiness in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage? Sure enough, you share the same visions with other people. Who would not want a healthy intimate relationship with another? Who would not want to be free from the harshness of the reality bite that dating, romance, love, and marriage could at any time turn into a nightmare? For sure, you include yourself in this category.

Dating is the first step for romance and love to bloom and the final stage is marriage. However, marriage is again another chapter of the book of life. There are plenty of challenges that come along with marriage and as one gets into the situation, it is indeed important that he or she is ready to face it. Not all marriages are happy. Now everyone who gets married remains happy in the process. The first few months may be blissful but during the succeeding durations, things start to change. The spark suddenly fades away.

It is too sad to note that the once happy married life gets affected by some cracks and one of the partners becomes taken for granted. After the time when the honeymoon comes to an end, the couples also start growing apart. They lose the charm in their once happy married life. They seem to be living in a routinely set up–sleeping and eating. The situation is proven to be dull and very predictable. As soon as children come along, the attention of the couple shifts into their rearing. Hence, the more that they draw apart.

The early romance dies out and in the process; both of the couples fail to be happy. It is but only a natural scenario that people break up and then file divorce against each other after all the haste in getting married. Prior to the marriage, both people must first experience the drive to care. After marriage, the care shifts into some other things especially when one of them fails to attend to the needs of the other. In here they start to throw questions at each other. They become estranged too.

Keeping up with the process on how to be happy in your married life is very important. Complaining constantly about the shortcomings of your partner would not help at all. As you’ve married the person, you could have been open to the possibility that there are some negatives on the part of your partner. Marriage comes with understanding and acceptance. And it is very essential. To be happy in the process, you need to strive to bring back the life and spark into your love. Reflect and talk about your situation. Only the two of you would be bale to solve your ordeal. An open communication is a must so that you’ll arrive at a common understanding. Learn to compliment each other. Avoid sarcasm. Value your partner as you’ve done before. Marriage is a commitment and not a curse.

Do not envy other couples and spot the differences with your partner. Your partner has his or her own personality and you cannot equate him or her with another. Forgive and forget. You have made your vows and you’ve got to stand by it. Always consider the feelings of your partner. Watch his or her behavior closely. Why not try the usual things that you did before? Cook for your partner. Watch again the sunset together. Walk hand in hand. Keep the sun shining and bring the romance back into your lives.

There is always room for happiness in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage. Not all relationships turn sour in the end. Being happy in your marriage is in your own hands. You are the ones involved in the process so you should be responsible enough in handling whatever ordeals you face. If you truly want to achieve that rate of happiness, you must put in all your efforts. Happiness could only be achieved if both of you would work out on it. Such intimate relationship is a two way process, mind you. Keep the love alive and be happy in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage.

Dating, Romance, Love

They say that life is not a bed of roses, and so is love. Even dating, romance, love, and marriage are not perfect, so to speak. There are hassles that come along the way and when both parties are not strong enough to carry on with the relationship, everything ends up overrated. The usual problems with these romantic relationships include extramarital affairs, cheating, infidelity, abuse, and many others. There are likewise those who feel that they just woke up one day and were unable to feel the spark of love within them. Sometimes, love and romance drive a person nuts. These elements are factors which fuel the impulsiveness of a person. Yet in most cases, these elements are also the reason as to why the dreams which have once been built are suddenly left shattered.

When couples go to counseling, the usual phrases used are ”I love him or her but I am no longer in love”, “the fire has just died out”, “I feel more special with another man or woman”, and many others. The offended party’s ego may be totally wrecked so most of the times he or she also displays some romantic gestures or worse, the thing is taken to court. When dating, romance, love, and marriage suddenly lose their sparks, it is held to be overrated.

Now here are a few points that may be used for reflection when looking into how dating, romance, love, and marriage get overrated.

Romance is a term that is subtly used in a societal culture which refers to the experience in some intimate relationship. The perfect romance is often embodied in books and movies. However, in real life, such thing is too good to be true. There isn’t a perfect romance in actual life. Romantic love affairs are not always a dream come true. They say that there is never a perfect romantic love affair because usually these things suddenly come to a halt.

The usual romantic movies are termed by many as romantic comedies simply because the situations presented are often funny and larger than life. For the traumatized individuals, these are not real. For them who have experienced tragedies in their dating, romance, love, and marriage, they find the situation indeed overrated.

The quest for romance in real life is in fact not a manifestation of love itself but is more of a proof that humans have the need to satisfy first their own personal needs. These personal needs need to be catered to, adored, and acknowledged because they are mainly part of human existence.

The personal needs are the drives that human beings often respond to. These are okay but if they become overrated up to the point of destroying the relationship that has been built up for so long a time, which is the negative side to it.

Another reason for its being overrated is because of the fact that oftentimes romance and love is somewhat equated with mating or sex. For those people who seem not to put much emphasis on morality, they see sexual union as the bottom line of everything. They feel in love when they do when in fact it is one of the personal needs again that has to be fulfilled by the person.

Dating, romance, love, and marriage are said to be overrated when the parties involved no longer find the satisfaction that they once felt and if they continue to look for other things that would make them feel contented. They just one day realize that their choice of marrying one another is a big mistake and they already have regrets. But then because of a vow that confines them, they are somewhat not free to be true to themselves. In the end they find hurting each other physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometimes people make hasty decisions knowing that these would be the things that would define their happiness but in the end they discover that they are also the ones who craft their own dooms.

Things to Know About Dating

Dating romance is the love and sparks that fly while in the process of seeing someone you really like. Dating romance is pretty popular and, it is the main reason why many people look for relationships in the first place. Most people have found themselves romancing the people they are dating because they are simply attracted to them and want to take their relationship further. While dating, it is vital for you to be prepared or equipped with the right knowledge about romance. This is to ensure that your feelings and your body are safeguarded. For this reason, it is essential not to engage in romance before the time is right. Let things flow naturally when you are dating but, keep your head above the water. When young people are dating, it is very common for them to engage in premature romance. The danger comes in when the romance leads to intimacy and, later you realize that the person is not what you are looking for. For this reason, it is vital for you to take time when you are really into somebody. Take time and really test whether romance is real. You can do this very easily by just taking time.

Dating romance will flow in a natural manner if is real. Sometimes, we just have the lust for romance and, whether this is good or bad, it will all depend on you. There are people who are just looking for a romantic experience and not a committed relationship. In most cases, people are looking for both the experience and also the love. Therefore, it is not fair to condemn dating romance for people. When you wish to maximize this romance while dating, there are several things you can do to ensure that you are romantic. First, romance is a bit mysterious and, it is vital to keep that element of mystery. You need to communicate in a deeper way with the person you are attracted to. This means that you have to make your time of dating one to cherish and to remember. It is helpful that you be on your best behavior. This is not to say that you become somebody else, you need to be who you are but, the best of who you are.

Dating romance is based on attraction and not just physical attraction. The couple will be attracted to other internal traits. When you really feel that the relationship is heading to a good place, it is vital that you take the necessary caution to ensure that your romance will lead to a safe interaction. This is because you might not know exactly who you are dealing with. On a more positive note, there are many people who started their romance while dating. Many engaged in love making and it all turned out beautifully. You need to take each step at a time and, you will not regret it. When you are dating, you might be tempted not to think very straight but, you will definitely know what to do when you reach a danger zone.

Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage

“Where would we all be without romance?” Almost anyone may say.

“Romance is the spice of life,” goes another one that seems quite accurate.

“Love is a many-splendored thing it’s the April rose that only blooms in the early spring..” so goes a song by Frank Sinatra and adopted as a theme song by almost any romantic love couple from the 1940’s onwards.

However, the great William Shakespeare has this to say, “Men have died and worms have eaten them… but not for love.”

“Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames.” enthused Thomas Moore in a cynic mood about romance, love and marriage.

Such a lot of effort and ink has been drained in writing about various emotions and feelings involving dating, romance, love and marriage. Many daydream happily and contentedly because of these and many also cried.

Courtship, love and marriage are universal concepts. These concepts exist on people’s culture, animals and plants, even in our imagined extraterrestrials, practically everything that live and breathe. They are integral part of our culture.

In a society, the basic unit is the family. What will a family be without a marriage of two individuals? How will two individuals marry if there is no romance and love? How will two individuals find romance and love if they do not go out to date, be with each other and learn more about each other?

It is truly a chain of concepts. One does not exist without the other. There are all sorts of scientific, Christian, chemical, biological, and etc. views that explains and expands about them. They can be subjective or objective. They can be an issue of religion and an issue of modern science.

The main fact is they exist and they have been in fashion as long as everyone of us can remember. These concepts have been in fashion ever since the oldest human on earth in the Guinness Book of Records was born.

With regards to how these concepts come to exist. There are various warring notions about these. Popular Christian belief is that God loves us that is why He made a way for people to feel love because the powerful feelings of love will be the one to wash away the mortal sins of the people. Love will ultimately be the one to bring peace.

Dating, romance and marriage all have their versions in the Holy Bible. Would you remember the love stories in the Bible? Even if people have different cultures and customs, Christian people always have believed in love.

Meanwhile, the Greek and Roman mythologies also have their versions about dating, romance, love and marriage that until now affect the modern people.

Scientifically, if you would follow Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, we will find that the basis of why the universe and all the things that exist in it is because of nature.

With regards to practices, there are many spanning from ancient times until now.
During the ancient times, most of the marriages were through capture and not by choice.

Meanwhile, the arranged marriages and forced love came up when people began business relationships, borne out of the need for money, property, or political alliances.

The Medieval and Victorian eras saw the birth of romantic concepts as a big factor in love and marriage. These eras were also the birth of the dating activities when men would wine and dine the women. “Medieval Chivalry” and “Victorian Formality” were among the famous terms that would best describe these periods.

Along these periods were also the birth of customs, beliefs and popular inclination about people regarding dating, romance, love and marriage. For example, men are the ones who should be entertaining the women and not the other way around during dates.

Eventually, especially in patriarchal cultures, men are the dominant ones. Women are regarded helpless and dependent. Especially during the Victorian era, men were knights in shining armors and women are the damsels in distress. Women are more romantic and prone to loving too much. Men are more reasonable and must be dependable.

The concepts about sex and procreation also came into play along with romance and love.

Nowadays with the diversity in culture and the significant changes in the society, it is but understandable that the views on dating, romance, love and marriage have changed largely.