Dating How to be Happy in the Process

Do you, like anybody else, wish to find contentment and happiness in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage? Sure enough, you share the same visions with other people. Who would not want a healthy intimate relationship with another? Who would not want to be free from the harshness of the reality bite that dating, romance, love, and marriage could at any time turn into a nightmare? For sure, you include yourself in this category.

Dating is the first step for romance and love to bloom and the final stage is marriage. However, marriage is again another chapter of the book of life. There are plenty of challenges that come along with marriage and as one gets into the situation, it is indeed important that he or she is ready to face it. Not all marriages are happy. Now everyone who gets married remains happy in the process. The first few months may be blissful but during the succeeding durations, things start to change. The spark suddenly fades away.

It is too sad to note that the once happy married life gets affected by some cracks and one of the partners becomes taken for granted. After the time when the honeymoon comes to an end, the couples also start growing apart. They lose the charm in their once happy married life. They seem to be living in a routinely set up–sleeping and eating. The situation is proven to be dull and very predictable. As soon as children come along, the attention of the couple shifts into their rearing. Hence, the more that they draw apart.

The early romance dies out and in the process; both of the couples fail to be happy. It is but only a natural scenario that people break up and then file divorce against each other after all the haste in getting married. Prior to the marriage, both people must first experience the drive to care. After marriage, the care shifts into some other things especially when one of them fails to attend to the needs of the other. In here they start to throw questions at each other. They become estranged too.

Keeping up with the process on how to be happy in your married life is very important. Complaining constantly about the shortcomings of your partner would not help at all. As you’ve married the person, you could have been open to the possibility that there are some negatives on the part of your partner. Marriage comes with understanding and acceptance. And it is very essential. To be happy in the process, you need to strive to bring back the life and spark into your love. Reflect and talk about your situation. Only the two of you would be bale to solve your ordeal. An open communication is a must so that you’ll arrive at a common understanding. Learn to compliment each other. Avoid sarcasm. Value your partner as you’ve done before. Marriage is a commitment and not a curse.

Do not envy other couples and spot the differences with your partner. Your partner has his or her own personality and you cannot equate him or her with another. Forgive and forget. You have made your vows and you’ve got to stand by it. Always consider the feelings of your partner. Watch his or her behavior closely. Why not try the usual things that you did before? Cook for your partner. Watch again the sunset together. Walk hand in hand. Keep the sun shining and bring the romance back into your lives.

There is always room for happiness in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage. Not all relationships turn sour in the end. Being happy in your marriage is in your own hands. You are the ones involved in the process so you should be responsible enough in handling whatever ordeals you face. If you truly want to achieve that rate of happiness, you must put in all your efforts. Happiness could only be achieved if both of you would work out on it. Such intimate relationship is a two way process, mind you. Keep the love alive and be happy in the process of dating, romance, love, and marriage.

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