Dating, Romance Finding the Right Mate

Everyone may have surely been into entertaining the concept of finding the right mate. They say that the genuine happiness that would be felt within a relationship only comes about when one finds the right mate. This may be a very ambitious venture but as human nature is concerned, it is very rare for one to find contentment. There is always the unconscious drive to look for someone better–as in a mate. After all, who would want to deal in a lifetime with someone who is filled with flaws? For sure, finding the right mate is an adventure that many individuals take into their own hands.

Is there such a perfect mate? Girls and boys in their adolescent years always come up with the concept of an ideal man and woman. They often create a checklist bearing their standards for a mate. They are confined to the idea that they could one day find the right mate for them. Is it possible then? How many women swear that they would never love again? How many men have been cursing women because of some misdeeds? Life and romance sometimes do not go along well. But then there should never be the loss of hope on your part because there is someone there who is waiting for you. There is your perfect mate that you ought to find.

How could you do it then? How could you make your search a truly rewarding one? Here are some pointers to keep note of.

Begin by scraping out the losers from your list. They often use the cliché “love is blind and lovers cannot see”. Is it possible that love could blind someone who is under its spell? Well actually it is a fact. Many people seem to be blinded by their love that they fail to recognize the negative side of their partner. Although loving someone must entail understanding and acceptance, martyrdom is not a requirement. Hence, do not be fooling yourself and limiting yourself to the person with whom you are currently involved with.

End your prior relationship before getting into another. Handle your business with other people before you get involved with someone else new. You will just complicate things and by making some reservations, you might realize one day that you are left all alone.

Take note of your five major standards. It is very ordinary that you’ve got some vital requirements for your future mate. You always set a picture-perfect mate that you would want to be involved with. You may actually share with your friends the standards that you have so they could let you realize whether or not they are observable and measurable.

To find the perfect mate, you need to act accordingly when dating. Learn the do’s and don’ts’.
Get backed up. Dating someone whom you are eyeing as a perfect mate could be a scary endeavor but why don’t you tell your friends and family so that they could express their support? They could even give you some valuable ideas.

Do some networking. Meeting people through your acquaintances is one way of enriching your chances of finding a perfect mate for yourself.

Always be happy and think positive. Be firm with your choice and love whom you have as a partner. It is very difficult to spend even a minute or so with a person who does not even seem to interest you. How could you face the other person if you do not have any positive feelings toward him or her?

Assert yourself. Assert your likes and dislikes so that you’ll not end up regretting in the end.

Finding a perfect mate is not only to be relied on your fate. As they always say, you’ve got to put in your effort and be true to yourself because the perfect mate would come along if the person sees the genuineness in you. There is no necessity to pretend to be someone whom you are not because this is a big turn off.

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