Dating, Romance, Love

They say that life is not a bed of roses, and so is love. Even dating, romance, love, and marriage are not perfect, so to speak. There are hassles that come along the way and when both parties are not strong enough to carry on with the relationship, everything ends up overrated. The usual problems with these romantic relationships include extramarital affairs, cheating, infidelity, abuse, and many others. There are likewise those who feel that they just woke up one day and were unable to feel the spark of love within them. Sometimes, love and romance drive a person nuts. These elements are factors which fuel the impulsiveness of a person. Yet in most cases, these elements are also the reason as to why the dreams which have once been built are suddenly left shattered.

When couples go to counseling, the usual phrases used are ”I love him or her but I am no longer in love”, “the fire has just died out”, “I feel more special with another man or woman”, and many others. The offended party’s ego may be totally wrecked so most of the times he or she also displays some romantic gestures or worse, the thing is taken to court. When dating, romance, love, and marriage suddenly lose their sparks, it is held to be overrated.

Now here are a few points that may be used for reflection when looking into how dating, romance, love, and marriage get overrated.

Romance is a term that is subtly used in a societal culture which refers to the experience in some intimate relationship. The perfect romance is often embodied in books and movies. However, in real life, such thing is too good to be true. There isn’t a perfect romance in actual life. Romantic love affairs are not always a dream come true. They say that there is never a perfect romantic love affair because usually these things suddenly come to a halt.

The usual romantic movies are termed by many as romantic comedies simply because the situations presented are often funny and larger than life. For the traumatized individuals, these are not real. For them who have experienced tragedies in their dating, romance, love, and marriage, they find the situation indeed overrated.

The quest for romance in real life is in fact not a manifestation of love itself but is more of a proof that humans have the need to satisfy first their own personal needs. These personal needs need to be catered to, adored, and acknowledged because they are mainly part of human existence.

The personal needs are the drives that human beings often respond to. These are okay but if they become overrated up to the point of destroying the relationship that has been built up for so long a time, which is the negative side to it.

Another reason for its being overrated is because of the fact that oftentimes romance and love is somewhat equated with mating or sex. For those people who seem not to put much emphasis on morality, they see sexual union as the bottom line of everything. They feel in love when they do when in fact it is one of the personal needs again that has to be fulfilled by the person.

Dating, romance, love, and marriage are said to be overrated when the parties involved no longer find the satisfaction that they once felt and if they continue to look for other things that would make them feel contented. They just one day realize that their choice of marrying one another is a big mistake and they already have regrets. But then because of a vow that confines them, they are somewhat not free to be true to themselves. In the end they find hurting each other physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometimes people make hasty decisions knowing that these would be the things that would define their happiness but in the end they discover that they are also the ones who craft their own dooms.

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