Love and Marriage – How to Meet the Right Woman

So you are the knight in shining armor? The problem is, you don’t have a princess to defend with. Let me share you something that is sitting right there, under your nose: “Women are everywhere and the right woman is one you can see strolling at the mall, bookstore, coffee bar, internet dating sites, work, clubs, etc.” Now that you know that you realize that you don’t to be somewhere special to meet the right women, the next thing your should learn is the art of the actually meeting her. Here are the ways:

First, show confidence! You may not be aware of this but women are shyer then you are. Most women, especially those who are looking for the right man, love to be approached as well. So better get on your knees, approach someone and initiate a good conversation. Easier said that done right? One word my friend: “confidence!” Shaking knees and a mumbling mouth are things you should never have. Opportunity knocks only once so better grab it. If you see someone you like, approach her. With a right timing and proper approach, you will end up seating with her at a coffee bar all the way to a dinner table. Also, women love to see men who bear confidence. While this may not be an overnight success, you can always have your confidence developed. As they say, “right practice makes perfect”, so practice, practice, and practice more. Start at your office and talk to women colleagues. Then initiate a conversation with the waitress at a restaurant or the cashier at the grocery. As you build confidence through casual conversations with people, you let go your shaking knees and mumbling mouth.

Second, master the art of conversation. Now that you have finally had the guts to approach women, you should know how to initiate a conversation. Your first words will really make the difference between a “yes” to a dinner or a something like this: “Hi, what’s your name” and she replies “Hi, I’m leaving”. Pick up lines like, “Gee, that’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open?” or “Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!” are something that will definitely end a conversation that hasn’t begun at all. Make good at this by being sincere, being spontaneous, and not sounding so desperate. Again, it takes practice so if your first approach to a woman at the mall is not successful, do not stop trying. A good sense of humor is always a winner to good women so have them on your reserve and take them out when necessary.

An approach and conversation is not enough. You still need the follow up. So the third thing you should do is to know how to keep a woman wanting. A first date can only have a take two if the woman finds that you are interesting so keep her guessing. Do not tell everything about yourself during the first date. Not only you will dominate the whole conversation and piss your date off, you will also have nothing to say on your second date if ever it will happen. Keep her wanting like the “Arabian Nights”.

Most men think that pampering their lady will keep her wanting him. The fact is, it is entirely the exact opposite. Did you ever wonder why many women love “bad boys”? It is because “bad boys” give no regard with women in the way they treat them. Women who are often pampered by men feel that they have the need to get everything they want so they are on a hot pursuit to “bad boys” who keep on playing hard to get.

Finally, meeting the right men does not end up on having the right confidence, knowing the proper way approach, and keeping women wanting because a meeting the right women may not end on a single try. You may have dated a woman and have successfully done all these 3 but still, she does not fit to the definition of “the one” for you. Meeting the right woman is a never-ending process until you are finally convinced that she is “the one”.

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