Online Dating Romance

Many people now use online dating as a way to bring a little romance into their lives. Online dating is a great way to connect with people based on areas of compatibility, who you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your everyday life, even if they live in the same town as you do. It is perfect for people who don’t enjoy meeting people in settings like parties or bars, or who are too busy with work or family life to put much time into their search for love in the physical world. It can also just be a fast and fun way to widen your circle of friends, even if it doesn’t lead to a long term relationship (or indeed, if that isn’t what you want!).

There are many different styles of online dating site. Most of them work by allowing you to create a profile about yourself which others can find and view, and giving you access to search other people’s. When you see someone you like the profile for, you can message them or live chat with them, or simply send them a little indicator that you would like to start up a conversation (on some sites this is called a “wink” or a “smile”, and it works like a “poke” on Facebook).

Other sites work by asking you to fill in questionnaires and then suggesting matches for you based on their answers and how they match up with yours. This can be a very successful approach, as compatible people do tend to share similar values and opinions as well as having the same interests.

For people who don’t want to sit around waiting for the people they viewed to reply to their messages, there are options where you go straight into an online chat situation with potential dates, for example online dating chat rooms, or online speed dating. In some cases there is also the option to use video chat.

Once you have started messaging and chatting with someone you feel like you connect with, it is up to the pair of you to decide when to meet. Some people like to meet early on, to avoid wasting time if the chemistry isn’t there in real life. Others wait a lot longer, really getting to know about each other before they take the plunge. Your approach is completely up to what you and your new love interest feel most comfortable with.

There are many incredibly happy couples all over the world who have been introduced and fallen in love because of online dating sites, and as it has been popular now for over a decade there are plenty of stories of lasting romance. The best advice is to be safe, be yourself, and be completely honest about what you are looking for. If you want a casual fling, say so, if you are looking for someone you might marry, say that too. The more upfront you are about your ideals, the easier it will be to find people who fit them.

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